California Pine Mt.

Launching the paraglider. Pine Mt. California.

Paragliding in Santa Barbara

Paragliding. Santa Barbara

Surfing at UCSB Campus Point

Surfing at UCSB Campus Point.  Santa Barbara, California

Crossfit Lactic Acid Test

Crossfit lactic acid test.  Ventura, California

Jaala Pushing Through the Pain in GORUCK Selection

Jaala pushing through the pain at GORUCK Selection. Florida (Photo by Jason McCarthy)

Slickrock, Moab

Slickrock. Moab, Utah

Dirtbiking in Utah

Dirtbiking. Moab, Utah

Last Pitch of the Yellow Spur / Icarus, Eldo, Colorado

Last pitch of the Yellow Spur / Icarus. Eldorado Canyon, Colorado

Blue Hole Diving, Gozo

Blue hole diving. Gozo, Malta

Montezuma's Tower, Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Montezuma’s Tower. Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Jaala Cleaning the Roof

Jaala cleaning the roof.  Santa Barbara, California

Larry Solo Climbing on El Capitan, Yosemite

Larry solo climbing on El Capitan. Yosemite, California

Paraglide Naked in New Zealand? Why Not

Paraglide naked in New Zealand? Why not? Queenstown, New Zealand

Larry Paragliding in Queenstown, New Zealand

Larry launching the paraglider. Queenstown, New Zealand

Larry Canyoneering in Oman

Larry Canyoneering. Oman

1000ft. Up, No Protection, No Better Place To Be

1000ft. up, no protection, no better place to be… Red Rocks, Nevada

Ocean Kayaking, San Clemente, California

Ocean kayaking. San Clemente, California

Third Flatiron, Boulder Colorado

Colorado University in the background, third flatiron climbing. Boulder, Colorado

Larry Climbing into a New World, Oman

Larry climbing into a new world.  Middle of nowhere, Oman

Diving in Malta

Diving, Malta

First Pitch of the Leaning Tower, Yosemite

First pitch of the Leaning Tower. Yosemite, California

California Lurking Fear Valley

About a third of the way up Lurking Fear on El Capitan. Yosemite, California

California Lurking Fear Up

Day 3 on Lurking Fear El Capitan. Yosemite, California


Bouldering on “Ironman”. Bishop, California

California Redwoods

Jaala always up for a climb, either on rocks or in trees. Kalamath, California

Day 2 on the Leaning Tower. Yosemite, California

California Surfing

Carving at Rincon. Carpinteria, California

Oman Climbing

Exploring new climbing Areas. Oman

Colorado kayak

Navigating the class 5. 11 Mile Canyon, Colorado

Washington Rainier

Jaala checking out the crevasses. Mt. Rainier, Washington


Larry bouldering. Colorado Springs, Colorado


Climbing on soft sandstone. Garden of the Gods, Colorado