Ready to Climb in Yosemite

Ready to climb. Yosemite, California

Jaala Can't Help But Love to Climb Trees

Jaala can’t help but love to climb trees!  Zion, Utah

Twins at Separated at Birth

Twins at birth.  Santa Barbara, California

Larry and Jaala

Larry and Jaala.  Ventura, California

Jaala Pushing Through the Pain in GORUCK Selection

Jaala pushing through the pain in GORUCK selection.  Florida (photo by Jason McCarthy)

Enjoying the View in Zion

Enjoying the airy view.  Zion, Utah

Hiking Up Mt. Rainier, Washington

Excited to climb! Mt. Rainier, Washington

Friends and Family

Friends and family.  Bellingham, Washington

Busting Out a Version of U2 the Likes of Which Nobody Has Ever Heard

Busting out lyrics like you’ve never heard!  Durango, Colorado

Boulder, CO.. Love it

We love it here!  Boulder, Colorado

Family Portrait

Family portrait.  Ojai, California

Paraglide Naked in New Zealand? Why Not

Paraglide naked in New Zealand?  Why not!  Queenstown, New Zealand

Let's Give Ultra-Marathoning a Go.

Let’s give ultra-marathoning a go!  Santa Barbara, California

Packing the Chute Up After an Amazing Day of Flying

Packing the chute up after an amazing day of flying!  Queenstown, New Zealand

Jaala Loves Dogs!

Jaala loves dogs.  Ventura, California

Rest and Relaxation in New Zealand

Rest and relaxation.  Wanaka, New Zealand

Wild Eldorado Unicorn Sighting

Wild Eldorado Unicorn sighting.  Eldorado Springs, Colorado

Jaala Teaching in Kabul

Jaala training Afghan teachers.  Kabul, Afghanistan

Jaala in Italy

Jaala.  Italy

Arya is Questioning Why Jaala is Rucking So Far.

Arya is questioning why Jaala is rucking so far!  Ojai, California


Hanging on the portaledge. California

Sure, Why Not, Dubai

Handstands in front of Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building)! Dubai, UAE

Pashtun Style, Kabul

Larry sporting the local clothes. Kabul, Afghanistan

Jaala Rowing Her Boat

Jaala rowing her boat.  Santa Barbara, California

Jaala Competing in Crossfit SOCAL Regionals

Jaala competing in Crossfit Southwest Regionals 2010.  Los Angeles, California

Jaala Teaching in Nepal

Jaala teaching.  Kathmandu, Nepal

Jaala is a Climbing Machine!

Jaala is a climbing machine! Colorado Springs, Colorado


Larry growing his beard out.


Larry bouldering. Santa Barbara, California

Larry and Jaala

Caption Says it All.  Ventura, California


Jaala working with Afghan teachers.  Kabul, Afghanistan