Yosemite Falls, California

Big trees and little people. Yosemite Falls, California

Changing Leaves, California

Changing leaves. Santa Barbara, California

Surfing at UCSB Campus Point

Navigating the rocks.  UCSB Campus Point, California

Elk, Redwoods Northern California

Elk. Redwoods, Northern California

Vulture Eating a Seal, Goleta, California

Vulture eating a seal. Goleta, California

Logar, Afghanistan

Shadows and mountains. Logar, Afghanistan

Boulder, Colorado

Winter hiking on the flatirons. Boulder, Colorado

Great Blue Heron vs. Muskrat, Santa Barbara, California

Great blue heron vs. muskrat. Santa Barbara, California

Flamenco Kiss, Dubai UAE

Flamenco kiss. Dubai, UAE

Lion, Singapore

Lion. Singapore

Chimp, Singapore

Chimp. Singapore

Unknown Monkey, Singapore

Unknown Monkey. Singapore

Camel, Oman

Camel eating lunch. Oman

Waterfall Whangarei, New Zealand

Waterfall. Whangarei, New Zealand

40km Trail Run, Routeburn Trek, New Zealand

40km trail run. Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Paragliding in Queenstown, NZ

Paragliding. Queenstown, New Zealand

Bouldering in the Quantum Boulders, New Zealand

Bouldering in an amazing setting. Quantum Boulders, New Zealand

Thermal Pools, New Zealand

Thermal pools. New Zealand

Cabo San Lucas Arch, Mexico

Cabo Arch. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Kayaking in Sumatra, Indonesia

Kayaking through remote islands. Sumatra, Indonesia

Monkey, Oluwatu, Indonesia

Monkey. Oluwatu, Indonesia

Monkey, Oluwatu, Indonesia

Monkey. Oluwatu, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Colors. Bali, Indonesia

Reflection, Helsinki, Finland

Reflection. Helsinki, Finland

Sunrise Koli, Finland

Sunrise at 3 A.M. Koli, Finland

Seagul, Helsinki, Finland

Seagul. Helsinki, Finland

Log House, Koli, Finland

Log House. Koli, Finland

Northern Czech Republic

Reflections. Northern Czech Republic

Middle of Nowhere Trek, Cambodia

Trekking in the middle of nowhere. Cambodia

Sunrise in Ventura, California

Sunrise. Ventura, California

Vulture, California

Vulture. Santa Barbara, California

Seals, Carpinteria, California

Seals. Carpinteria, California

Endangered Plover, Carpinteria, California

Endangered Plover. Carpinteria, California

Baby Hoots, Golita, California

Baby hoots. Goleta, California

Unknown Bird, California

Unknown bird. Goleta, California

Heron, UCSB, California

Heron. UCSB, California

Unknown Bird, Goleta, California

Unknown Bird. Goleta, California

Bee Landing, California

Bee landing with a pollen catch. Carpinteria, California

Bee, California

Bee. Carpinteria, California

Sunrise, Sydney, Australia

Sunrise with rays of light. Sydney, Australia

Utah Zion

Angels Landing, Zion, Utah

California Ventura Surf Silouete

Surf sunrise. Ventura, California